How do I download a Youtube Video to My Laptop

Why would you want to download Youtube videos?

There are multiple reasons why people would want to download videos, for example:

  • Downloading Youtube videos beforehand makes offline viewing possible even if you don't have Internet access on your mobile or laptop
  • If the Youtube video gets deleted for some reason, you will have the video on your laptop.

Despite downloading Youtube videos are illegal with third-party apps, but as long as you're downloading a video for your own personal offline use, it is probably okay, and fortunately is not only possible with Youtube servers.

In this article, I'm going to show you some video downloader programs which will hopefully help you to download Youtube videos easily.

The step-by-step usage of the below-mentioned apps are shown on Windows, but some of them can be downloaded to mobiles as well.

Video downloader apps and software to download Youtube videos:

Method 1: WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

This one is a video converter software, slideshow maker, video editor, and Youtube video downloader.

This program can convert the video into any format, and perfectly handles 4K content. Unfortunately, it is not free, but impressive.

1. Download and install this software

2. Type in and activate the license key. After that, you will be successfully registered.

3. Open the software and click on the Youtube icon

WinXHD Video Converter YouTube Donwload to Laptop Step 1

4. Copy the Youtube video link and paste it into the address bar. Then click on the "Analyze" button.

WinXHD Video Converter YouTube Download to Laptop Step 2

5. Wait until it analyzes all the resolutions you can download. Choose a file that you find right, and click on the "OK" button.

WinXHD Video Converter YouTube Donwload to Laptop Step 3

6. Choose the device which you want to convert it for. E.g. for your Android mobile.

7. Choose the brand of your mobile, then the quality (LQ and HQ) of the video. Then click on the "OK" button.

8. Then click on the "RUN" button in the lower right corner.

WinXHD Video Converter YouTube Donwload to Laptop Step 7

9. Wait until the video is downloaded, then converted.

Method 2: 4K Video Downloader

1. Download and install this video downloader app to your Windows device. This free software can download 3D and 360-degree videos as well.

2. Open Youtube and choose the youtube video you want to download

3. Click on the "Share" button to get the link of the video

choose a youtube video

4. Copy the video link from the appearing window

copy the video link

5. Go back to the 4K Video Downloader app, and click on the "Paste link" button

click on paste link

6. The app will paste the file. It will take some time to parse the video.

7. In the appearing window, you will be asked about quality options and the destination of the video file, then click on the "Download" button. Choosing the highest quality is the best option, but keep in mind that it will take more time to download and will take up more space.

click on download button

7. After the video is downloaded, it will appear in the 4k Video Downloader app

Method 3: TubeMate (without Bluestacks)

It's an easy-to-use youtube downloader available both on Windows and iOS.

Unfortunately, this app can't be downloaded from Google Play Store, so you need to allow your phone (Go to settings) to download and run apps downloaded from other places. You can find this video downloader on AndroidBlue, and download it as a zip file.

1. Open a browser and download the Nox App Player

2. Then download the TubeMate app

3. Wait until Nox is installed to your Windows device

4. Drag and drop TubeMate into the Nox window to install

drop it into the app

5. Wait until TubeMate is installed and then open it

open the app

6. Click on the three lines in the upper left corner

click on three lines

7. Select Youtube from the drop-down menu and click on it

8. Choose a Youtube video which you want to download and open it, then click on the download button

9. A window appears where you can choose the quality of the video. After you selected the proper quality, click again on the red download button

10. By clicking on the framed button, you can check how many percents are left from the video downloading.

Method 4: KeepVid Pro

1. Install the KeepVid Pro

2. Open a browser and copy the Youtube video URL

3. Paste the video URL to KeepVid

paste the video url

4. Choose the quality of the Youtube video

5. Wait until the program downloads the Youtube video

wait until it finishes

6. The location of the successfully downloaded video file will be the "KeepVid Pro Downloaded" folder

Method 5: VLC Media Player

1. Download the VLC Media Player

2. Copy the URL of a Youtube video

3. Open VLC media player

4. Go to the "Media" menu and select "Open Network Stream"

Open network stream

5. Paste in the URL and click on the "Play" button

6. Click on "Play"

7. When the video is playing, go to "Tools" -> "Media Information"

click on media information

8. Copy the URL you can find in the box called "Location"

copy the location

9. Then go back to your browser and paste the copied URL to the address bar ( it is a temporary address which will expire).

10. Wait until a window pops up and then click on the "Start Download" button. You will see the location where the video file will be saved to.

start download

11. Wait until the Youtube video is downloaded

You can download many youtube videos with this method but only one after another.

Method 6: YMP4 (online program)

1. Search for YMP4 in your browser.

youtube video downloader

2. This window will appear, where you have to simply copy and paste the Youtube video link, and click on the "GO" button.

download the video

3. Wait until the next window appears where you can choose from the resolutions. 

Choose the best for you, and then click on the "Download" button.

4. A temporary page will be created, where you have to start playing the video and then click on the three dots. After that choose the "Download" option.

click the three dots

Method 7: Install Youtube Video Downloader (Chrome plugin/extension)

1. Open your browser and search for "addoncrop"

2. Open the first option, then download "Youtube Video Downloader"

search for addoncrop

3. In the appearing window, scroll down and select which browser you want to install this extension to. Click on it and wait until it is downloaded.

4. After the download is completed, open your Download files. Click on the Youtube Video Downloader icon with the right-mouse button, and click on the "Extract all" button.

5. Open your browser and click o the three dots in the upper right corner. Then select "More tools", then Extensions".

6. Tick the "Developer mode" and click on the "Load unpacked extension" button.
Select the Youtube Video Downloader file and press "OK".

select more tools

7. Your extension is downloading. In the AddonCrop website, you will see that it is installed successfully.

8. Open Youtube and choose a video. You will see the Download button, where you can choose the quality and click on it.

Method 8: Use a screen recorder (FonePaw)

With this program, you can record your screen in some ways. E.g. you can record only the audio, or with the lock window function record a part of the screen.

With that function, no matter how you move the browser, the selected recording area won't move.

Now I'm going to show you the easiest way to record a full-screen Youtube video with audio. With its free trial, you can save 3 minutes of every video, but you can upgrade to premium to record longer videos.

1. Launch the FonePaw Screen Recorder program on your laptop.

launch fonepaw

2. Open the program and choose the Video Recorder.

3. Open the Youtube video you want to record. Pause the video and make it to the beginning.

click on full screen

4. Go back to the FonePaw app and choose the "Full Screen" option.

5. Then start to record.

6. Make the video to full screen and don't move the mouse.

7. You can watch the recording back, and save the video.

8. In the appearing window choose the destination of the video file and click on the "Next" button.

9. Then click on "Continue to save" and wait until the video is saved.

continue to save

Method 9: Use Youtube Premium

If you have a Youtube Premium Subscription, you can easily download a Youtube video.

1. Open the video that you want to download, and click on the "Download" button.

click on download

2. In the appearing window, select the quality of the video.

select the quality of the video

3. Wait until it is analyzing and then choose the proper option for you from the given ones. Then click on the "Download" button on the bottom of the page.

4. Wait until the video is fully downloaded and then it appears in the "Downloads" files.

These step-by-step guides were made by using the latest version of the apps.

About the Author Arpad Balogh

I'm a tech geek from Hungary. Latest laptops? I got em. I love testing and breaking things, although most of the time I fail putting them together, but that's another story...