How to Remove Stickers from Your Laptop

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Arpad Balogh
 Updated On July 21, 2020

Arpad Balogh is the founder of Simply Laptop. As a tech enthusiast, he has been writing about laptops for years. His goal is to help people find the perfect laptop for their needs. He does that by using his digital marketing skills to get these reviews in front of as many people as possible.

how to remove a sticker from a laptop

I'm sure you've had that moment in your life when you bought a new laptop, opened it up and there are a ton stickers on it, showing the specs of the laptop, the brand and some general information.

Want to get to action? Try the first method.

This is not only annoying because it takes away from the glamour of the laptop, but because these stickers will eventually start peel off, leaving sticky residue on the surface of your laptop.

No one likes to put their hand on a sticky surface am I right?

If it is a warranty seal, you might not want to remove that, but if it is an annoying sticker that was just put not there for showcasing, you can get rid of it.

On the other hand, when you buy a used or a refurbished laptop the previous owner might have left some "cool" stickers on the laptop you might want to peel off.

Stickers are very easy to apply, but quite hard to remove.

In most cases, people start rubbing the stickers off using their nails, and they succeed in removing the sticker itself, but not the sticky residue.

In this article, I'm going to show You some methods that can help You to get rid of them entirely.

Instead of wanting to remove the stickers very fast, take the time and clean it carefully.

With these methods, you won't do any harm to the surface of the laptop and you won't leave remaining sticker pieces that would make your laptop look uglier then it was before.

Tips & methods for removing stickers from any Laptop

As a safety precaution, before you try any of these methods, make sure your laptop is turned off and is unplugged, especially using alcohol or liquid to remove the sticker on laptop!

Method 1 for stickers removal:

This method will mostly include peeling off the sticker and getting rid of the residue. If you have tried this, feel free to move to the next method!

Step 1: Peel off the sticker

If it is a relatively new laptop and the sticker is new as well, you may scrape it off pretty easily.

get the sticker off with a razor laptop

Try using a razor for getting the sticker off!

You can try carefully removing it by using a razor blade, but if you don't feel comfortable, I wouldn't risk it as you could do more harm than good by scratching the surface of your laptop.

Instead, you can use a safe men's or women's razor, a credit card or specific sticker removal tool.

Apple actually recommends using only non-abrasive tools & materials for removing stickers.

Step 2: Get a tube of Adhesive Cleaner and a lint-free cloth/rag 

Once you get the stickers off, your job will not be done just yet, you will have to get that residue off your laptop to make it clean,

First, Grab a bottle of an Adhesive Cleaner (We recommend Goo Gone) and apply it on a microfiber cloth. Rubbing Alcohol could do the trick as well, but that doesn't always work.

Make the lint-free cloth slightly soaked in the Goo Gone and start wiping around the part where you pulled the sticker from.

Wait for about 5-10 minutes, it may take some time until the Adhesive Cleaner does it's job.

If You don't have an adhesive remover at home, click & get it on the link below:

Step 3: Clean the surface of the laptop with a damp rag

The next step is going to be grabbing a damp rag and cleaning off the Adhesive Cleaner and the remaining sticky residue from your laptop. Make sure you keep away from the keyboard.

If the residue still doesn't come off, repeat Step 2 and Step 3 as long your laptop is not entirely clean & sticker residue-free.

f the sticker still doesn't slide off without leaving a sticky residue, grab a paper towel, and wipe the excess Goo Gone off. Then repeat step 2 and step 3 until Your laptop is entirely clean & sticker residue-free.

Method 2:

This method requires using a heat gun or a hairdryer, so make sure you keep it safe when trying it out. Both of these can severely burn your hand if not handled properly/carefully so be careful!

Step 1:

remove computer sticker with a hairdryer

Aim the hairdryer at the sticker/stickers you want to remove! Tekgila

Take a heat gun or hair dryer & blow warm air on the stickers for about 1-2 minutes. Make sure you are not holding the machine too close to the laptop or your hands.

Always keep at least 4 Inches of space between the hairdryer and the laptop.

peeling off laptop sticker

You can try and remove the sticker!

After one or two minutes of blowing warm air on it, you can remove the sticker. Keep in mind that the sticker will be hot, so use a cloth or a clip/nail clipper to remove it.

Step 2:

add adhesive remover to cloth

Add some adhesive remover to the cloth and wipe the residue off!

Spray any Adhesive Removal into a lint-free cloth and apply it on the area of where the sticker was.

The sticker should come off easily, leaving some residue, but you should be easily clean that up using the cloth.

Step 3:

If there is still any sticker residue left on your laptop, get some diluted vinegar or rubbing alcohol and clean the area of the stickers gently.

Then wipe the area through again with a dry paper towel.

How to get off sticker residue:

If you have already removed the stickers by yourself and looking for a way to get rid of the residue that is on your laptop, here are some tools/products you can use:

  • WD-40: I'm sure you know what WD-40 is. It's basically a gift from god, to us. It can lubricate or remove anything, and of course, it can remove glue residue as well.
  • Oil-based substances (olive oil, vegetable oil, tea tree oil, margarine/butter, lotion, baby oil, etc.) help to loosen adhesives.
  • Nail polish remover
  • Rubbing alcohol (make sure not to spill any on your keyboard)
  • Vinegar
  • Goo Gone adhesive remover
  • Hair dryer
  • Water works too some degree, but not always.
  • Pencil eraser

If you are looking for actual steps on removing that residue, check out any of the methods above and skip the sticker removal part!

I hope this little guide will help you remove stickers from your laptop. Make sure you always use these tools/chemicals with care.

Good Luck!

Arpad Balogh

Arpad Balogh is the founder of Simply Laptop. As a tech enthusiast, he has been writing about laptops for years. His goal is to help people find the perfect laptop for their needs. He does that by using his digital marketing skills to get these reviews in front of as many people as possible.

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