Our Guide on Setting up a New Laptop: 7 Things You Must Do

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Arpad Balogh
 Updated On February 19, 2020

Arpad Balogh is the founder of Simply Laptop. As a tech enthusiast, he has been writing about laptops for years. His goal is to help people find the perfect laptop for their needs. He does that by using his digital marketing skills to get these reviews in front of as many people as possible.

how to set up your brand new laptop

Getting a new laptop is a big deal, they are typically quite expensive and it isn't every day we get to treat ourselves to one. With that in mind, it is very important to make sure your laptop is set up correctly.

You don't want to make any mistakes during this process. The initial set up is easy enough, right? Just follow the windows instructions. But what are the important steps to take afterward? This short article will provide you with a new laptop checklist to ensure you don't miss a thing.

Initial setup:

The initial setup of your new laptop is quite easy, plug it in and turn it on.

After this you will be prompted to follow the windows setup guide, you will be asked simple questions like for your details and asked to sign into any windows account you might own.

This stage is pretty easy to follow. It is important to set up your laptop somewhere with a safe wifi connection. Home or work is best. You will need to know the wifi password for the setup process, so it is a good idea to have that on hand ready.

Force updates:

When your laptop has finally completed the necessary installations it is time to ensure your laptop is up to date. Even if you have the latest model of laptop it is likely not running the newest version of its operating system.

You should always enable the automatic updates.

If you have owned a windows laptop before you know they feel the need to update their operating system almost weekly. 

This means if your laptop had its OS installed 6 months ago during manufacturing it is already very far behind. If you click in the "type to search" bar at the bottom of your screen and type in "updates" you will find a check for updates option. Click this, then follow the prompts to allow all updates. You should restart your laptop after these updates are done (if it doesn't restart automatically).

Remove the bloatware:

All modern laptops sadly come with something commonly referred to as bloatware. This is software that comes pre-installed on your laptop that doesn't provide any benefit and just slows your laptop down.

A common example of obvious bloatware that you will find on your laptop is the game Candy Crush Saga. This is unnecessary software and you likely won't want it. It is best to remove this software now while your new laptop is relatively empty of files and they are easy to find.

bloat software installed on your computer

Make sure you uninstall any bloat software on your laptop.

Simply look through your files section and see what needs to go.

Once you find something you wish to remove, right-click and follow the uninstall guide for each item. A common form of bloatware that you might not realize is terrible for your computer is the antivirus software McAfee. This "antivirus" is almost a virus itself and you would do well to remove it. Windows defender is far better and free.

Install your browser of choice:

Next, you may want to install your favorite browser. You likely will want one of either Google Chrome or Firefox. Simply open Microsoft edge and search for either browser.

They are easy enough to install, find their download link on their website and follow the instructions. While you can, of course, choose to use Microsoft edge it is understandable if you don't want to.

Microsoft Edge will likely try to convince you to keep using it rather than a new browser, it may even provide you with an interesting graph or chart about how great it is. This is all quite misleading and you will be better off using Google Chrome.


Next on your new laptop checklist is the antivirus software. As mentioned above, you will want to uninstall McAfee if you have it pre-installed on your laptop. It truly is horrendous.

The creator of the software has openly said that it is not just one of the worst antiviruses but one of the worst things in general on the entire planet. This is paraphrasing, his actual choice of words was far worse and not appropriate for this article. It is best to use windows defender, it is easy enough to find and install by typing "windows defender" into the search bar on the bottom left of your screen.

Aesthetic changes:

Next is the fun part, the aesthetic changes. Choosing your laptop theme, your nicknames on your laptop, organizing your desktop and setting a desktop background.

There is not any way to do this wrong, this is the time to put some of your creative flair into your laptop. 

Child safety settings:

If the laptop was for a child, not yourself, it is important to set up parental control restrictions. To do this simply go to accounts, family and other people, add a family member, and then add a child.

Once you have done this you will have access to all of the parental control restrictions. It is possible to change these at any time, don't worry. You can make the following restrictions to your child's account:

  • Limit web browsing time and results
  • Filter out adult content
  • Set age restrictions on games
  • Manage screen time
  • Send reports to the master account (you) about their activity.

Child safety settings:

Hopefully, this short article has given you all that you need to set up your new laptop.

It is important to do these things correctly and quickly to ensure your laptop is running smoothly. Installing trustworthy antivirus software is one of the most important steps to take, it is vital you do this before you start using your laptop as normal.

Arpad Balogh

Arpad Balogh is the founder of Simply Laptop. As a tech enthusiast, he has been writing about laptops for years. His goal is to help people find the perfect laptop for their needs. He does that by using his digital marketing skills to get these reviews in front of as many people as possible.

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